Frontierville Family Tree Missions

By | March 15, 2012

Teach your kid about your family tree in frontierville family tree missions and earn great rewards !

there are 5 quest to finish, and you can get rewards from each family ! Let’s learn about them :
amos : habanero
stafford : willow tree
jasper : capybara
gramps : rhubarb
granny : family tree

each pioneer trail goals need to collect and craft parts, so i will prepare the material links later..

quest requirements :
goal : BBQ Bonanza Mission
Clear 30 Rocks on your homestead
Craft 3 Secret BBQ Sauces
Construct a Meat Smoker (meet amos)
Reward: 200XP, 200 Coins, 4 Habanero Seeds

goal : Explorer Uncle Mission
Harvest 60 Habaneros on your homestead
Tend 35 Adult non-rideable horses
Build a Treasure Hunter’s Kit (meet stafford)
Reward: 400XP, 400 Coins, 2 Willow Trees

goal : Miner 49er Mission
Chop Willow Trees 60 times on your homestead (free gift page, and you just got some for last mission)
Tend 35 Adult Cows
Assemble Jasper’s Equipment (meet jasper)
Reward: 600XP, 600 Coins, 2 cream cows
Tend Adult cows for raw leather

goal : Portrait Proud Mission
Tend 12 Capybaras (you just got some in last mission)
Clobber 10 Bears
Restore Gramps’ Portrait (remember gramps)
Reward: 800XP, 2 Walnut Trees, 4 Rhubarb Seeds

goal : Family Feast Mission
Harvest 80 Rhubarb Crops
Harvest 50 Walnut Trees (you just got some in last mission)
Cook a Family Feast (help granny)
Reward: Book of Experience, Dinner

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