Frontierville Fanny’s Dark Secret Missions

By | October 13, 2011

Fanny Has a Secret! The days are gettin’ shorter, and Fanny has a secret to confess to Hank!

Can ya help her whip up some family magic in frontierville fanny’s dark secret missions ? first you need to build pioneer trail halloween hutch to craft items for the quests

there are 4 goals with titles :
part 1 : Fanny Has a Secret
part 2 : Chronicle of a Vampire
part 3 : Hank’s Hankerin’ to Howl
part 4 : Vampires Love Werewolves

Turn yourself into a Vampire and a Werewolf! Repeat missions to solve Hank and Fanny’s argument, and get your very own pet bat! (just like dog, this bat can follow you)

requirements and rewards :
GOAL: Fanny’s Dark Secret I of II
– Harvest 20 Pumpkins
– Clear 10 Skulls On Your Homestead or a Neighbor’s
– Collect 10 Confession Letters (ask)
reward : 100 XP + 500 coins + bloodberry juice

GOAL: Chronicle of a Vampire
– Craft 2 Vampire Potions (craft inside halloween hutch)
– Drink a Vampire Potion
– Tend 10 Tomatoes on Neighbors’ Homesteads
rewards : 200 XP + wolfnut butter + family secret mystery crate

GOAL: Hank’s Hankerin’ to Howl
– Craft 2 Werewolf Potions (craft inside halloween hutch)
– Drink a Werewolf Potion
– Tend 10 Pumpkins on Neighbor Homesteads
rewards : bloodberry juice + family secret mystery crate + 300 XP

GOAL: Fanny’s Dark Secret II of II
– Clear 10 Grass With Your Bat Following
– Collect 10 Hank Loves Fanny Cards
– Craft a Hybrid Potion With Your Bat Following (craft inside halloween hutch)
rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + hybrid potion

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