Frontierville Favor Missions

By | January 24, 2012

Your folks on pioneer trail homestead are busier than beavers, and got more jobs than they can handle.. so can you help them with the frontierville favor missions ?

you’ll get 5 horseshoes for completing it and doing your first favor !

here’s the first quest :
Big Favors Mission
– Place & Complete The Bulletin Board (part links)
– Obtain A Favor From A Resident Or By Using The Bulletin Board
– Complete A Favor From A Resident
Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins, 5 Horseshoes

frontier favors

more for favor guide :
– Must be level 12+
– You can have only 1 favor mission active per day
– Each mission is timed to expire after 2 weeks
– You can dismiss/abandon a favor if you don’t want to complete it BUT you won’t get it again. You will see an exclamation point on top of another NPC in-game to get more favors.
– You can dismiss 1 favor for free per day. Otherwise, it will cost 1 HS to dismiss a 2nd favor in 24 hours.
– Everyone will receive the main mission (Big Favors.) Afterwards, all the favor missions will be random so not everyone will have the same mission requirements. There are over 120,000 mission variations!
You will not see the favor missions in your mission manager. You will see them on the bulletin board or from the NPC that is showing a question mark.

here’s the example for favor quests :
A Favor For Laughing Bear Mission
Harvest 45 Lemon Trees On Your Homestead
Collect 12 Teamwork
Reward: 900XP, 900 Coins, 2 Giant Cherry Trees

when you’re done with a favor then you’ll see the character with exclamation mark on his head, that means they will give you another mission.. but you can only do 1 favor at a time

A Favor For Laughing Bear
Clear 12 Thorns On Your Homestead
Collect 12 Teamwork
Reward: 900XP, 900 Coins, 1 Fishin’ Hole

most of the missions only have 2 task where you need to do something on your homestead and ask friends help like teamwork(wall post), neighborly hand(request)
neighborly hand link

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