Frontierville Ferris Wheel Missions Links

By | July 6, 2012

Build and finish frontierville ferris wheel missions so you can teach your kid that rides ain’t nothing to be afraid of ! Earn your very own ferris wheel for completing all the tasks !

pioneer trail country fair ferris wheel

quest requirements :

goal 1: Do It Yourself Mission
Place the Ferris Wheel
Tend 30 standard sheep on your homestead
Harvest 20 Tomatoes
Reward: 2 Fishing Bat, 1 Bouncy Hummingbird (rideable decoration), 1 Mail Order Diploma (needed for Ferris Wheel)

goal 2: Getting Support Mission
Collect 6 Soaked Manual Pages (from the Fishing Hole)
Tend 40 adult standard pigs on your homestead
Finish Phase 1
Reward: 1 Carousel Pony (not rideable), 5 Spinach, 1 Ferris Wheel Plan (needed for Ferris Wheel)

ferris wheel material links :
diy-instructions building-permit wheel-bearing tough-bracket cushion-kit
diy instructions link – building permit link – wheel bearing link – tough bracket link – cushion kit link

safety-lock lag-screw empty-cart popcorn-bag
safety lock link – lag screw link – empty cart link – popcorn bag link

goal 3: Big Wheel Mission
Tend 10 Carousel Ponies
Harvest 30 Spinach (on free gift page)
Finish Phase 2
Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 1 Cabin Plan (needed for Ferris Wheel)

goal 4: Cabin Fever Mission
Tend 30 Adult Oxen
Harvest 60 Apricot Trees
Finish Phase 3
Reward: 1500 XP, 1 Black Bear Cub, 1 Ferris Wheel Paint (needed for Ferris Wheel)

goal 5: Ferris Fun Mission
Tend 20 Black Bear Cubs (you just got 1 and might have more from previous missions)
Scare 10 Bear Varmints
Finish the Ferris Wheel
Reward: 2500 XP, 2500 Coins, 1 Bouncy Seahorse (rideable decoration)

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