Frontierville Field Mice

By | May 5, 2011

Frontierville Field Mice is one of the requirements that you must finish on the last frontierville mother’s day goals

on granny’s kitty mission you must find 9 field mice

how to find field mice in frontierville ?
to collect mice you can do work on your homestead to find mice for granny’s kitty

when you get 1 click it and you will see the progress for 9 mice filled with mice with each wildflower

find field mice for granny’s kitty
granny sure would love a fierce kitty for mother’s day ! do work on your homestead to catch nine mice and lure in the best darn kitten a mouth full of furry critters can buy

you can get these rewards for collecting mice :
Candlelit Tea Table – Locked: 3 Mice Needed!
Tea Set Tea Table – Locked: 6 Mice Needed!
Floral Tea Table – Locked: 9 Mice Needed!

and also when you’re done with the quest you will rewarded with 1 lynx !

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