Frontierville Fingerpicks

By | July 15, 2011

Collect frontierville fingerpicks to get 3 rewards on pickin banjos mission
fingerpick in frontierville – Spend energy to find fingerpicks and fill up the film strip.

how to get fingerpicks in frontierville :
Collect fingerpicks by tending Horses, Cows, and Mules on your Homestead. You can also see the description and quest hint on part 1 because this is part of the requirements, or you can always unlock with 45 HS

picking banjos

every time you find 3 fingerpicks, you will unlock the reward 🙂 click track progress to see prizes

get ready to get down !
Collect fingerpicks around the Homestead so everybody can join in on pickin’ banjos! Better hurry tho’, they’re only on the Homestead until August 15th!
rewards :
locked 3 fingerpicks needed : bundle of sunflower
locked 6 fingerpicks needed : pile o cookin gear
locked 9 fingerpicks needed : hoe-down bear

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