Frontierville Finkerton’s Crate

By | March 19, 2011

Frontierville Finkerton’s Crate is a special crate that you can get in a special way, as you know there’s a new finkertons detective agency building and this crate is related with this building

finkertons crate in frontierville – Click and choose Open to get your collectibles

what do you get inside finkerton’s crate in frontierville ?
you can get 3 random rare collectibles inside finkertons crate

how to get finkerton’s crate in frontierville ?
after you finish building finkertons detective agency, go inside you will find missing people
now choose friends that last seen between 7-14 days by clicking ‘find’ button

you will see this pop up :

send request and get the reward : finkerton s crate + 3 points

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