Frontierville Fire Wagon Missions

By | October 9, 2012

Pit out fires, save critters and finish frontierville fire wagon missions to keep your homestead from going up in smoke !

GOAL: Fire Wagon, Part I of V

tend to the injured critters you find on your homestead ! quest walkthrough guide :

goal I : Flarin’ Up Mission
Place the Fire Wagon
Tend 25 Adult Pigs
Locate and extinguish a Flash Fire
Reward: 150 XP, Sumac Tree, Lunch
Fires take 6 buckets of water to douse

goal II : Too Close to Home Mission
Locate & Extinguish 3 Flash Fires (frequently from Brass & Steel forges, rarely from debris)
Tend 10 Ripe Sumac Trees (free gift)
Finish Phase 1 of the Fire Wagon
Reward: 250 XP, Critter Salve, Sergeant Stubby

goal III : Flashin Fires Mission
Tend 1 Sergeant Stubby 10 times
Heal 4 Burnt Bunnies
Finish Phase 2 of the Fire Wagon
Reward: 500 XP, 5 Corn Ready Boosts, Firehouse Kitten

goal IV : What a Blast Mission
Locate & Extinguish 6 more flash fires
Tend Firehouse Kitten 10 times
Finish Phase 3 of the Fire Wagon
Reward: 750 XP, Dousing Barrel, Fireman Calendar (used in Fire Wagon)

goal V : Feel the Burn Mission
Harvest 40 Aloe Vera (found on free gift page)
Put out 8 Flash Fires with the Fire Wagon (must complete Fire Wagon to do this)
Harvest 80 Corn
Reward: Reduced Flash Fires, 2 Fire Mystery Crates, Crazier Cake

quest item links :
thick-padding tank-liner barrel-support pressure-seals-water

suspenders wagon-trim ice-water-pitcher

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