Frontierville Fireworks Show Missions

By | June 28, 2013

Access your frontierville fireworks show missions from your fireworks shack and earn patriotic rewards like the rocket boost and new rideable horse !
Let’s build the best fireworks show this side of the mississippi and light it off in spectacular fashion ! repeat quests to collect even more fireworks !

pioneer trail quest wrapper :
mission 1: Firecracker Mischief
– Get a red, white & blue Ruby Blast
– Complete the “Muffled Fireworks” mission 3 times
– Collect 500 Fireworks
Reward: 15000 XP, Crazier Cake, 300 Fireworks

mission 2: Frontier Family Fireworks
– Complete the “Not Just for Kids” mission 3 times
– Complete the “Heart on Fire” mission 4 times
– Collect 2500 Fireworks
Reward: 25,000 XP, 25 Horseshoes, 2 Patriotic Eagles

goals walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Fire Crack-a-Lackin’ Mission
Gather 10 Yummy Corndogs – harvest corn or corndog crops
Ask for 6 Lighting Wicks
Place the Fireworks Shack
Reward: 3 Firecrackers, Patriotic Highland Cow, 20 Fireworks

goal 2: Deafening Sound Mission
Gather 25 Flammable Hairs – Feed Adult Cows
Gather 12 Coal Dust – Clear Rocks
Assemble 1 Flame cracker – takes 6 boom powders
Reward: Fully Grown Coastal Pine, Boom Powder, 40 Fireworks

goal 3: Colors ‘N Chemistry Mission
Tend a Patriotic Cow 8 times
Ask for 12 Colored Chemicals
Assemble 1 Ruby Blas – takes 10 boom powders
Reward: White Dogwood Tree, Rocket Boost, 50 Fireworks

goal 4: Muffled Fireworks Mission
Gather 30 Patriot Blankets – Adult Geese
Gather 5 Wooden Muffs – Harvest White Dogwood Trees
Craft 5 Big Blasts
Reward: Fancy Water, Random boost, 100 Fireworks

independence day snuck up on everyone this year, and the frontier needs lots of fireworks for the big show !
build amazing fireworks and light them off !

goal 5: Fireworks for Tots Mission
Chop non sapling Coastal Pine trees 10 times
Harvest 12 Fool’s Gold
Craft 7 Tiny Sparklers
Reward: Grizzly Oak, 2 Boom Powder, 120 Fireworks

goal 6: Not Just for Kids Mission
Harvest 50 Blazing Stars
Craft 3 Tiny Spinners
Craft 6 Tiny Sparklers
Reward: Bandit Stash Box, Random Boost, 130 Fireworks

goal 7: A Day to Remember Mission
Gather 12 Giant Holders – Chop Large Grizzly Oak Trees
Ask for 8 Enchanted Candles
Craft 8 Big Blasts
Reward: 5 Fool’s gold, Tamin Crate, 140 Fireworks

goal 8: Hearts on Fire Mission
Gather 15 Flame Wrapping – harvest red clover
Assemble 1 Heart Blast – Takes 12 passion powder
Craft 5 Lovely Sparks
Reward: 2 Wilderness Juices, Random Boost, 180 Fireworks