Frontierville First Snow Missions

By | December 4, 2012

Build the snowfight fort in frontierville first snow missions to save the frosted poppies and revive sparkly perennials !

It’s that time of the year and the first snow is here. The frontier is high in spirits and everyone is gathering outside for fun winter activities.

walkthrough guide :

quest : A Truce in the Snow Mission
Finish the Snowfight Fort
Unfreeze 15 Frosted Poppies
Harvest 30 Winter Pear Trees
Reward: 1000 XP, Beef Jerky, Snowboarding Bunny

goal 1: Snow Hooligans Mission
– Place the Snowfight Fort
– Clear 12 Debris on any homestead
– Plant 10 Snowball Piles (new coin crop)
Reward: 150 XP, 7 Iceberg Lettuce crops, Dinner

goal 2: Freezing Flowers Mission
– Harvest 20 Iceberg Lettuce (free gift page)
– Remove the ice from 3 Frosted Poppies (need warm water, 8 each flower)
– Finish phase 1 of the Snowfight Fort
Reward: 250 XP, 5 Winter Pear Trees, 4 Warm Water

goal 3: Toasty Toes and Tots Mission
– Harvest 16 Winter Pear Trees (you just got 5)
– Harvest 15 Snowball Pile crops
– Finish phase 2 of the Snowfight Fort
Reward: 500 XP, Fast Hands Boost, Granny’s Gut Punch

goal 4: Fun in the Snow Mission
– Harvest 30 Iceberg Lettuce
– Harvest 25 Snowball Pile crops
– Finish phase 3 of the Snowfight Fort
Reward: 5 Winter Pear Trees, Giant Snowball (decoration), 6 Warm Water


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