Frontierville Fishing Derby Missions

By | August 9, 2013

It’s the frontierville fishing derby missions ! get your bait, pick your spot and catch as much fish as possible to win the derby
Jacks got a hint everyday to where the best spot is. Pick your pioneer trail fishin derby mission to catch the biggest fish !
2 final rewards are :
– lakefront dock
– big fish boat

fish around at the bait n tackle, lakefront dock and the good ol’fishin hole to earn fish, boosts and more !

tips where to find the quest items :
bendable birch : harvesting birch tree
mayfly lures : rarely drop from the mayfly nest
tiny trout : drop when fishing at the fishin’ hole
casted wool : drops while harvesting imported silver sheep
grubby bait : drops from the caterpillar nest
whopping carp : drop from the bait n tackle
arced metal : drops while harvesting steel forges
natural cork : drops while harvesting grizzly oak
squirmy worms : drop from nightcrawler nests
fat perch : drop from lakefront dock
fix holey boats with stopper plugs

requirements walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Loadin’ The Runty Trout Mission
– Go Fishing at the Fishing Hole Twice
– Ask for 8 Heavy Pebbles
– Collect the Daily Bonus on the Bait ‘n’ Tackle
Rewards: Recycle Bin, Grizzly Oak, 20lbs of Fish

goal 2: May Flies Hatchin’ Mission
– Gather 15 Mayfly Lures
– Gather 6 Tiny Trout
– Craft 5 Fly Fishin’ Rods
Rewards: 2 Buddleia, 40lbs of Fish, Random Reward

goal 3: Clearing The Lake Mission
– Harvest Recycle Bins 18 Times
– Ask 12 folks for Lifting Help
– Empty Filthy Water twice
Rewards: Fish In Bowl, 2 Gold Forges, 50lbs of Fish

goal 4: More Lines, More Problems Mission
– Gather 30 Grubby Bait
– Gather 4 Whopping Carp
– Craft 9 Fancy Poles
Rewards: Early Worm Boost, 100lbs of Fish, Random Reward


goal 5: Driftin’ The Day Away Mission
– Harvest 50 Golden Apple Trees
– Ask for 12 Days Off
– Craft 5 Fishing Boats
Rewards: 2 Nightcrawler Nests, 120lbs of Fish, Random Reward

goal 6: Fillin’ In The Holes Mission
– Gather 20 Squirmy Worms
– Fix Two Holey Boats
– Ask for 18 Boat Buckets
Rewards: Washtub, 130lbs of Fish, Random Reward

goal 7: Chippin At The Bait Mission
– Gather 12 Fat Perches
– Gather 25 Grubby Baits
– Ask for 20 Sticky Lure
Rewards: Aged Salmon, Waterfall, 140lbs of Fish

goal 8: Fetch The Fat Fish Mission
– Ask 20 Folks for Fishing Tips
– Gather 12 Squirmy Worms
– Craft 8 Load Bearing Poles
Rewards: Sparkling Pond, 180lbs of Fish, Random Reward

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