Frontierville Flower Festival Missions

By | March 2, 2011

Frontierville Flower Festival Missions ! there’s a new flower shop building 🙁 though i don’t have any space left to put -.- (37×37 land expansion still not out yet)

goal : Flower Festival in frontierville

and there are 2 quests for flower shop on frontierville :
Gettin’ Started
Time to Show Off

here are the requirements for frontierville flower festival mission :

GOAL : Flower Festival Part I of II
– place a flower shop
– clear 20 wildflowers on neighbor homesteads
– harvest 20 pink roses

GOAL : Flower Festival Part II of II
– tend 6 neighbor horses
– collect 15 hand rakes
– tend 10 Pansies

for the pansies you must finish the flower shop first to buy frontierville pansies and tend it

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