Frontierville Flower Power Mission

By | December 9, 2011

That Benjamin! He’s plum head over heels for his gal, Beatricein in frontierville flower power mission! That’s why he wants to get her the biggest bouquet o’ flowers anyone’s ever seen! If you can help him out, he’s got a Big Present an’ some Candy Canes to share!
Help Benjamin
GOAL: Flower Power!

Benjamin’s lookin’ to brighten up his sweet Beatrice’s day with a big bouquet of flowers ! Can you help him out an’ gather the biggest bunch o’ flowers the frontier’s ever seen?

this is a timed quest : 5 Days To Complete Once You Start Mission and Expires 1/31/2012

requirements :
– Clear 40 Wildflowers
– Collect 20 Pink Carnations
– Collect 20 Flower Vases link
Reward: 1 Big Present, 20 Candy Canes, 500XP

tips : Clear wildflowers on your homestead and click “Ask Friends” to request Carnations and Vases!

Now that’s what I call a big buncha flowers! Beatrice is gonna love this! An’ here’s some Candy Canes to share with yer friends!
Share a Candy Canes!

xx’s Pickin’ a Friend’s Rose!
xx just got done pickin’ flowers for Beatrice’s Holiday Hollow bouquet an’ wants to share some Candy Canes with you!
Get a Candy Cane!

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