Frontierville Flower Shop Missions

By | March 2, 2011

Frontierville Flower Shop Missions ! after you build and finish flower shop building, you can start with flower shop quests !

flower shop missions in frontierville

And if you look on the badges there’s a new flippant florist to start 😛

Start flower missions to decorate your homestead! there are 4 flower quests that you can choose
Flower Shop: Pansies Quest
Flower Shop: Daisies Quest
Flower Shop: Carnations Quest
Flower Shop: Tulips Quest

here are the list of frontierville flower shop mission and requirements :

GOAL: Pansies Quest
– craft 30 planks inside the covered wagon
– harvest 20 apple trees
– collect 1 bag of fertilizer

GOAL: Daisies Quest
– complete the manure collection
– revive 10 neighbor withered crops
– collect 2 bags of fertilizer

GOAL: Carnations Quest
– clear 20 debris from neighbor homesteads
– clobber 5 groundhogs
– collect 3 bags of fertilizer

GOAL: Tulips Quest
– tend 30 pigs
– harvest 50 clover
– collect 4 bags of fertilizer

easy quests 🙂 and it’s repeatable so you can get more rewards for the frontierville florist badges !

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