Frontierville Fluffy Sheep Missions Shearing Salon Links

By | July 3, 2012

Finish frontierville fluffy sheep missions and partner with friends to get a fluffy sheep as fluffy as possible (you’ll get one week), then bring it to the shearing salon to et a cool, unique wool-style !

once you have purchased pioneer trail fluffy sheep and have feed enough click it to weigh : wool weigh-in

wrapper quest :
The Most Stylin’ Sheep
Raise and shear 3 Silver Star Sheep
Reward: 5 Horseshoes, Sheepmaster Gate, 10000 XP

goal I : Fluffy Foundation Mission
Place Shearin’ Salon
Buy and place a Fluffy Sheep on your Homestead
Shampoo Fluffy Sheep 3 times
Reward: 200 XP, 3 White Rose Boosts, Stylist License

for sheep shampoo you need to craft it or trade in 2 new collections :
– shearin’ collection
– super shearin’ collection

2 sweet leaf + 3 softness soap = sheep shampoo
harvest lemon mint crop , white roses or fluffy sheep to get sweet leaf

shearing saloon material links :
stylin-chart fluffin-ruler comb-cabinet rubber-hose
stylin chart link – fluffin ruler link – comb cabinet link – rubber hose link

securing-straps burly-burlap wooden-handle
securin’ straps link – burly burlap link – wooden handle link

goal II : Getting in Sheep Shape Mission
Shampoo Fluffy Sheep 12 times
Harvest 60 White Roses
Upgrade your Shearin’ Salon
Reward: Swirly Fluffy Sheep Unlock, Shaggy Llama, Mint Extractor

goal III : Styles Fer Miles Mission
Tend Shaggy Llamas 15 times
Shampoo Swirly Fluffy Sheep 20 times
Upgrade your Shearin’ Salon
Reward: 800 XP, 1 Fierce Fluffy Sheep, Sheep Dip Vat

goal IV : Mythfluffers Mission
Harvest 40 Honeydew on your homestead
Feed 5 Sheared Fluffy Sheep
Finish your Shearin’ Salon
Reward: 1200 XP, Plaid Fluffy Sheep Unlock, Sheep Hedge

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