Frontierville Friends & Family Mission

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville Friends & Family Mission is part of resolution mission in frontierville that you can buy with 4750 coins

friends & family mission in frontierville

moderate mission : suggested level 12 – Repeatable set of two social task missions, part of the Resolute Pioneer badge.

there are 2 parts of friends and family quest, here are the goals :

Frontierville Goal Friends & Family Part I
Family Fun ! Your family needs a break from working so hard. Have your friends come over and babysit, so your spouse and child can have some fun together!
– Have Five Friends Babysit
– Harvest 50 Fruit Trees with your Spouse
– Collect 20 Daily Bonuses with your Child

Hint : You will need to ask your friends individually to help babysit for this mission. Make sure you have your spouse or child avatar selected before tending trees or gathering bonuses.

Frontierville Goal Friends & Family Part II
A Friendly Visit ! Your friends were feeling a bit lonely last year. Go visit their homesteads and help ring in the birth of a new year!
– Tend 50 Neighbor Crops
– Clear 50 Neighbor Debris
– Collect One Baby New Year (It will be used up to fulfill this mission.)

Hint : Any crops or debris on your neighbor’s homestead will count. Baby New Year is part of the New Year’s Collection, found randomly from all game activities.

You have started the Family & Friends Resolution. Once both missions are complete, you will get a Social Crate containing one of four decoration rewards.

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