Frontierville Frontier Circus Missions

By | May 7, 2013

Host a frontierville frontier circus missions ! put on your very pioneer trail frontier circus and earn a rideable circus elephant !

Circus Wrapper quest : Three Act Circus
– Tend a Clown Pig
– Complete all 9 Circus missions
– Harvest 100 Peanuts
Reward: 20,000 XP, 15 Horseshoes, Rideable Elephant

Here are the list of 9 frontier circus quest :

GOAL: Pig Performers, Part I – III
We can put on a fun lil’ circus right here on the homestead, and give those kids a thrill. Let’s get the grounds ready!

goal 1: Circus Comes to Town Mission
– Place a Fortune Teller Machine
– Harvest 30 Sparkler Crops
– Collect 10 Spare Tents from friends
Reward: 2 Hog Chow, 3 Early Bird Boosts, 2 Steel Forge Boosts

There aren’t too many exotic critters ’round here, though I bet we could dress some up. But what’s the main attraction gonna be?

goal 2: See the World’s Fattest Pig Mission
– Feed a Circus Pig Hog Chow 25 times
– Gather 14 Bags of Popcorn
– Craft 6 Animal Masks
Reward: 2 Steel Forge Boosts, Building Boost, 2 Sharp Axes

Our kids are pretendin’ to be lion tamers with the pig! Let’s give ’em tamin’ toys, and something to tame that can’t get hurt!

goal 3: Taming the Wild Frontier Mission
– Chop Fully grown Pine trees 20 times
– Collect 12 Taming Chairs from friends
– Craft 5 Taming Whips
Reward: 3 Candy Corn crops, 2 Crop Whisperer, 2 Floating Fences

GOAL: Trapeze Act, Part I – III
There’s no way we can have a circus without a trapeze act! But who will be the acrobat? Better check the Fortune Teller!

goal 1: See Spectacular Aerial Acrobatics Mission
– Gather 40 Coils of Rope
– Get 6 Fortunes from the fortune teller machine
– Craft 4 Trapeze Essentials
Reward: 3 Corndog crops, Lumber Tree Serum, Twilight Prized Pig

If I’m going to defy death with acrobatic leaps, I’d best get into shape, quick! Can you help me out, pardner?

goal 2: Training Montage Mission
– Harvest 20 Blazing Stars
– Gather 45 Apple Energy Bars
– Craft 9 Obstacles Courses
Reward: 3 Popcorn Kettles, How to Jack Lumber book, 2 Carousel Pony

Time to flip through the air and taste the breeze: I’m a circus star on the tall trapeze. Wrote that myself!

goal 3: Amazing Hank & Fanny Mission
– Tend Carousel Pony 8 times
– Craft 6 Acrobat Outfits
– Craft 9 Performance Nets
Reward: 6 Hog Chow, Smoked Buffalo Ribs, 2 Summer Mystery Crates

GOAL: Cannonball!, Part I – III
I bet I could re-purpose one of our bigger Varmint Cannons to launch a human cannonball! Shall we give it a try?

goal 1: Big Bang Theory Mission
– Gather 20 Loads of Gunpowder
– Collect 10 Circus Paint Jobs from friends
– Craft 5 Taming Whips
Reward: 3 Grass, Shearing for Shave Tails, Fully Grown Pine Tree

If we’re gonna trick… um… convince folks to get in the cannon, we’d best make sure they can walk away unhurt!

goal 2: Safety First Mission
– Gather 20 Bandage Wraps
– Craft 7 Crash Helmets
– Craft 8 Performance Nets
Reward: 4 Hog Chow, Wilderness Juice, 2 Floppy Fair Hares

My bones are stronger than engine steel, youngster! So I’ll get in yer cannon if I look like a star. Just make it worth my while!

goal 3: Shooting Star Mission
– Gather 30 Candied Figs
– Craft 8 Acrobat Outfits
– Craft 9 Clown Props
Reward: 50 Peanut Ready Boosts, Peppermint Earthquakes, Thrill Porker