Frontierville Frontier Games Missions Frontier Torch Links

By | August 10, 2012

The frontiervile frontier games are coming to your homestead and there’s so much to prepare ! Don’t forget to participate to get the new collections !

pioneer trail goals walkthrough :

wrapper quest :
goal : Mystery of the Games Mission
Turn in the Log Sawin Collection
Turn in the Rock Chippin Collection
Turn in the Weed Pullin Collection
Reward: 20,000 XP, Greek Bear, 15 Horseshoes

3 main missions :
goal : Let the Games Begin Mission
Place The Frontier Torch
Place a Log Sawin Game
Use 3 Frontier Saws on any Log Sawin Game
Reward: 200 XP, 3 Frontier Flowers, 2 Olive Trees

2 frontier spirit + 3 durable saw = frontier saw
find frontier spirit when harvesting frontier flowers, wheat and playing frontier games on your homestead

frontier torch material links :
opening-ribbon glass-mug seat-back sturdy-screw gold-ore

silver-ore gramophone admission-tickets hefty-toolbox frontier-podium

goal : Lighting the Way Mission
Harvest 40 Frontier Flowers (on free gift page)
Use Frontier Saws 12 more times
Finish Phase 1 of the Torch
Reward: Rock Chippin Game unlock, Frontier Cows, 800 XP

goal : Between a Rock & Hard Place Mission
Tend Frontier Games Cows 15 times
Use the Frontier Hammers on any Rock Chippin Game
Upgrade the Torch to Phase 2
Reward: Weed Pullin Game Unlocked, 2 Frontier Medal trees, 1500 XP

2 frontier spirit + 3 rockhammer = frontier rockhammer

goal : Prove your Medal Mission
Use the Frontier Pulleys on any Weed Pullin Game
Collect the Daily Bonus on any 5 Frontier Games trophies
Upgrade the Torch to Phase 3
Reward: 2 Frontier Fritters (Triple xp & double movement for 2 hours), Track Suit Cow, 8500 XP

2 frontier spirit + 3 simple pulley = frontier pulley

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