Frontierville Frontier Phil

By | January 27, 2011

Frontierville Frontier Phil ! another new groundhog pet in frontierville 🙂
frontier phil in frontierville

how to get frontier phil in frontierville ?
– you can get this winter groundhog as a reward from frontierville groundhog day mission
– find frontier phil from news feed, because your friends can share if they found one
– you can also keep winter groundhog when you find it on your homestead

You found a winter groundhog. He seems quite stylish but a bit grumpy! Would you like to keep him or give him away to your friends?

you can choose to :
– Share Phil
– Keep Phil

if you choose share you will post this : Find a home for Phil!
xxx found Frontier Phil!
xxx found a peculiar groundhog named Phil! Phil is looking for a home for the extended winter. Looks like he’d make a great pet!

your friends can click Adopt Frontier Phil

This frontier phil is also a varmint, that’s why you can clobber him and share the rewards
Congratulations! These Winter groundhogs are poppin’ up all over the place! You saved your crops and have extra food to share with your friends!
Share Food Bonus

xxx done clobbered a Winter groundhog!
xxx clobbered a Winter groundhog while he was fixated on his shadow! The crops are saved from an extended winter and now there’s extra food.

click Gimme 25 food! to get the bonus

you can also find frontierville icy collection from frontier phil

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