Frontierville Frontier Talent Show Missions

By | June 22, 2012

Build the country fair stage to start the talent show in frontierville frontier talent missions !

without performers, we’ll fold ! if you help, you’ll get a bear lure to attract bears and a tough hand tonic which lets you move debris !

pioneer trail talent show quests walkthrough :

goal 1: Frontier Talent Mission
Tend 15 Adult Sheep
Visit 4 Neighbors
Click country fair stage > the Talent Show Stage (lower left corner)
Reward: 300 XP, 300 Coins, Talent Show Flyer (needed for phase 1)

country fair stage material links :
sturdy-picnic-basket peculiar-potion brew-bottle tanning-oil
sturdy picnic basket link – peculiar potion link – brew bottle link – tanning oil link

spakrly-hat toughening-ointment massage-pillow
sparkly hat link – toughening ointment link – massage pillow link

goal 2: Bear Taming Mission
Clear 12 Wildflowers on your homestead
Harvest 40 Broccoli
Create a bear lure for granny > Complete Phase 1
Reward: Floppy Fair Hare, Bear Lure (summons Bears), Granny’s Whip (needed for phase 2)

crafting guide :
Tend Adult Goats for Cheddar
Harvest Sugar Plums for Honey

4 sturdy picnic basket + 4 tasty peach = bear lure plan
4 large trout + 3 fish seasoning = smoked trout
tending peach trees for tasty peach
harvest spicebush for fish seasoning

goal 3: Monkeying Around Mission
Tend 15 Floppy Fare Hare
Craft 4 Granny’s Gut Punch
Help amos create a bunyan brew > Complete Phase 2
Reward: 1000 XP, Dancing Monkey, Bunyan Brew Case (needed for phase 3)

crafting tips :
Harvest Habaneros for hot habanero

4 peculiar potion + 3 horn extract = bunyan brew
tend adult standard cows for horn extract

goal 4: Rhinestone Cowgirl Mission
Tend 10 Dancing Monkeys
Harvest 50 Peppermint Bushes
Create a dazzling new outfit for bess > Complete Phase 3
Reward: 1500 XP, 1500 Coins, Dazzling Outfit (needed for phase 4)

crafting hint :
Tend Non-Rideable Horses on your homestead or neighbors for spurs

2 frontier leather + 3 strong stitching = incomplete glove
1 incomplete glove + 6 tanning oil = frontier glove
tend adult oxen for frontier leather

3 red ribbon + 2 sparkling rope = fancy lasso
harvest flax for sparkling rope

goal 5: Handy Man Mission
Harvest 80 Blueberries
Clear 30 Thorns or Cacti on Neighbors
Give hank a massage treatment > Complete Phase 4
Reward: 2500 XP, 3 Tough Hand Tonics (allows you to move debris for 15 mins), Tough Hand Mixer (crafts more tough hand tonic)

crafting guide :
Harvest Aloe crops for ointment

2 tough sand paper + 3 iron shaving = tough hand ingredients
chop fully grown pine trees on your neighbor’s homesteads for tough sand paper

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