Frontierville Fuzzy Blanket

By | March 26, 2011

Frontierville Fuzzy Blanket is a new item that you can use to hatch egg that can give you a new injured critter
fuzzy blanket in frontierville – Best for cuddling

there are 3 wounded animals that you can get from eggs : abandoned robin, turtle egg and quail egg
all of these animals will need fuzzy blankets ! so be prepare to adopt new animal 😀

how to get fuzzy blanket in frontierville ?
you can ask friends help when you find the new egg by tending tree (chop tree or harvest fruit tree), you can also buy 8 fuzzy blankets with horseshoes

Need Fuzzy Blankets! See if your neighbors have some extra Fuzzy Blankets to keep your robin’s egg warm!
Ask for ’em

you might learn to look for teal egg to find robin in frontierville in spring has sprung mission part 3

xxx wants to wrap you up in fuzzy blankets!
xxx found an abandoned robin that needs to be kept warm with some Fuzzy Blankets! xxx needs friends to send Fuzzy Blankets to save the poor thing’s life! There’s a reward for friends who help.

Send blankets to get 50 XP

you will need to care the egg with 7 fuzzy blankets, so always be prepared 🙂

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