FrontierVille Game Bar Get Free 35 Horseshoes

By | September 3, 2010

FrontierVille Game Bar ! the officiall frontierville game bar now available for every one 🙂 just like other zynga games that use toolbar (farmville, treasure isle, mafia wars) you can get bonus when install it !

install frontierville toolbar now and get 20 horseshoes plus 1 horseshoe per day for 15 days

how to install frontierville toolbar
use this frontierville game bar links and follow the steps :
or for internet explorer you can dowload : frontierville gamebar download

too bad game bar not supported for google chrome 🙁
Unsupported Browser
Right now, we only support IE 7+ and Firefox 2+. We’re working hard to add support for more browsers, but until we do, please download a supported browser in order to use the Zynga Toolbar.

20 horseshoes will be awarded upon successful install, plus 1 bonus horseshoe will be awarded per day for the first 15 days after install. You must enter via the Game Bar to claim your reward and get your bonus. Limit one bonus per player.

with game bar you can get some extra prizes + profit :
– free energy ! get an exclusive energy bonus every 8 hours
– know when your crops are ready ! never miss a harvest again !
– see when friends visit ! be the first to know when friends show up at your homestead !


after you install you will see a pop up for frontierville gamebar:
well conk my noggin and call me dizzy ! you got 20 horseshoes for installing the toolbar and you’ll get three extra energy every eight hours when you use it !

and after you get 20 HS make sure you go to frontierville using game bar link for 15 days

link to get bonus faster :

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  • isabel

    accidently delited tolbar please send it again so i can download

  • Della Williams

    accidently deleted toolbar, please send it again so I can download

  • Merlin Thaden

    I need you to please send me the toolbar link so I can get it downloaded for the frontierville game bar free 35 horsedhoes it was not working right
    Thank you

  • Sherry Thaden

    please will you send me the frontier game bar free 35 horseshoes link to me so I can get it downloaded .Thanks alot

  • sheila

    please will you send me the frontier game bar free 35 horseshoes link to me so I can get it downloaded .Thanks alot

  • Mohamed Omarali

    Wowwwwwwwwo………….amazing it works and i got 20 HORSESHOES

  • ruth stockwell

    did not get my horseshoes after installing very unhappy

  • carrie behm

    I need the frontierville toolbar sent so i can download it please thank you

  • merina tanzil

    but i got only 6 🙁