Frontierville Gathering Cowpokes Missions

By | September 7, 2012

Completing frontierville gathering cowpokes missions hires new cowpokes. They’ll help wrangle more and more cattle !

GOAL: Gatherin’ Cowpokes

Earn amazing rewards like the black bean crop, the cattle drive banner and the rideable buckin’ bull ! When you receive the cattle drive banner, you have a daily chance at a fully grown or premium.

3 pioneer trail wrapper quest :
goal I: Cattle Wranglin Mission
Collect 20 Cowpokes from completing missions
Complete “Helpin Hands” (mission 2) 2 times
Complete “Cattle Coordination” (mission 4) 2 times
Reward: 1 Crazier Cake, 20 Cowpokes, 5000 XP

goal II: Dedicated Driver Mission
Collect 80 Cowpokes from completing missions
Complete “Addin to the Herd” (mission 5) 3 times
Complete “Progress Blocked” (mission 6) 4 times
Reward: 1 Frontier Fritter, 30 Cowpokes, Cattle Drive Banner (collect daily bonus from it)

goal III: Cowpoke Collectin Mission
Collect 225 Cowpokes from completing missions
Complete “Leadin the Herd” (mission 7) 4 times
Complete “Hungry Herd” (mission 8) 4 times
Reward: 10 Horseshoes, 50 Cowpokes, Cattle Dog