Frontierville Get A Huge Homestead

By | October 5, 2010

Frontierville Get A Huge Homestead ! did you see there’s a ‘GET A HUGE HOMESTEAD’ around your homestead right now ?

you can click it to continue homestead expansion

now you can have 33×33 expansion – huge homestead expansion

there are 5 missions that you must finish in order to unlock huge homestead
1. Huge Homestead Exploration
Have or Obtain Three Ribbons (It’ll cost ya 3 Ribbons to complete the mission)
Buy a Forest Saw at the Market
Chop Ten Neighbor Trees

2. Spying On Some Foxes
Get 20 Telescopes (It’ll cost ya 20 Telescopes to complete the mission)
Feed 25 Animals
Clobber Four Foxe

3. Sneaky Snake Cakes
Clobber Three Snakes
Have or Craft Three Cakes Inside the Inn
Visit 12 Neighbors

4. Just Sign Here
Harvest 300 Crops On Your Homestead
Clobber Eight Groundhogs
Get 20 Survey Authorizations (These authorizations will be removed to complete the mission.)

5. Get Huge
Collect Two Daily Bonuses from the Land Office
Have or Craft Two Land Grants Inside the Land Office
Buy Land Expansion (33×33) at Land Office

finish the huge homestead extension goals and expand your homestead 🙂

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