Frontierville Get Cookin Mission

By | February 27, 2011

Frontierville Get Cookin Mission ! another timed quest 😀 You have seven days to harvest a bunch of tomatoes from your homestead – and your neighbors’ homesteads! Succeed and you’ll win a cool decoration! You must start by March 28th.

GOAL : the great tomato race in frontierville

for frontierville get cooking you must :
– harvest 100 tomatoes
– harvest 10 neighbor tomatoes
– collect 10 sauce pans

rewards : 700 coins + frontierville wheel of cheese


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  • Cathy

    I still have not gotten this mission and have already finished Rango. Why do some people get this mission and others dont?

  • Nimi

    Cathy, different contries get it diffrent times
    It depends

    I hate tomatoes, this quest is so annoying :9