Frontierville Gettin Hitched Missions

By | July 8, 2011

We’ve all been waiting for this day ! the big day is finally here! Time to help Fanny & Hank tie the knot in frontierville gettin hitched missions

there are 6 wedding goals and the quest titles are :
part 1 : Preparing the Chapel
part 2 : A Request From Fanny
part 3 : Get the Young’ins Ready
part 4 : Got Cake?
part 5 : The Officiate
part 6 : The Wedding

when you’re doing each goal, you will get some items to to host wedding ceremony 🙂 here are the requirements and the rewards for getting hitched mission :

GOAL: Gettin’ Hitched I
– Prepare to Host Wedding by upgrading Chapel!
– Harvest 20 Cherry Trees
– Place Two Bottles of Sparkling Wine
reward : 500 xp, 1 cameo choker

GOAL: Gettin’ Hitched II
– Tend 30 Apricot trees
– Customize Fanny’s Wedding Dress
– Collect Ten Skeins of French Lace
rewards : 1000 xp, wedding vows, blue ribbon

GOAL: Gettin’ Hitched III
– Harvest 30 Pink Roses
– Have or Collect Two Downy Feathers (These will be consumed!)
– Exchange 10 Wedding Favors with friends
rewards : 1500 xp + 1000 coins

progress :
a bear just licked all the wedding cake LOL ! andyou must get another cake

GOAL: Gettin’ Hitched IV
– Harvest 20 Wheat
– Make the Wedding Cake
– Try a Wedding Cake Slice for a sugar rush!
rewards : 750 xp, garter

you must finish ‘building’ wedding cake by collecting materials and then click eat & share on the cake

GOAL: Gettin’ Hitched V
– Place Four Petal Baskets (look on wedding wagon market)
– Tend 30 Pigs on your Homestead
– Clear Ten Debris on Your Homestead
rewards : 1000 xp, jacques found

GOAL: Gettin’ Hitched VI
– Host the Wedding Ceremony
– Visit Eight Neighbors to spread the news
rewards : 2000xp, 250 food

good luck guys ^_^

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