FrontierVille Ghost Fox

By | October 26, 2010

FrontierVille Ghost Fox ! there’s a ghost varmints for frontierville halloween 🙂

ghost fox frontierville

and in Ghost Bustin mission you must clobber 2 ghost fox

how to get ghost fox in frontierville ?
Clobber regular varmints to turn ‘em into ghost varmints, you can find foxes from chickens (the easy way is buy a lot of chicken and harvest them with chicken coop). Then kill the fox so you can find a ghost fox 😀

after you scare ghost fox you can share some bonus to your friends :
xxx done scared off a Ghost Fox!
You gotta be pretty scary to scare off a ghost fox, but xxx done did it! There’s even a rescued chick for friends!

you can share a chicken for your friends

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