Frontierville Giant Homestead Expansion Missions

By | February 5, 2011

Frontierville Giant Homestead Expansion Missions ! finally a new expansion available : 35×35 expansion !

giant homestead mission in frontierville

to get giant homestead expansion there are 5 frontierville giant expansion goals you must finish :
1. Giant Preparations
2. Blockage
3. Freeloaders
4. Reach an Agreement
5. Be Giant

here are the list of frontierville giant homestead expansion quest :

GOAL: Giant Homestead Expansion Part I
– Collect 30 Lunch Pails
– Harvest 100 Tomatoes
– Have or craft 15 Fancy Clothes

GOAL: Giant Homestead Expansion Part II
– Chop trees 200 times
– Clear out 5 Thorns
– Have or craft 25 fire

GOAL: Giant Homestead Expansion Part III
– Sell 80 adult cows.
– Collect 25 Meadow Muffins
– Hire a Poop Scoopin’ Crew

GOAL: Giant Homestead Expansion Part IV
– Collect 30 Wagon Trailers from your friends
– Harvest 300 Wheat
– Have 8 Peach Pies

GOAL: Giant Homestead Expansion Part V
– Have or craft 30 Fireworks
– Have or craft 15 Cakes
– Harvest 100 Apricot Trees

Whoa there’re 80 adult cows you must sell.. it will take some time >.<

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  • LeoChick83

    There was a typo that peach cobblers is to be peach pies. I got it from the info when I looked up why it wasn’t counting my cobblers.

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  • Darlene

    I finished all the goals and still havent got the expansion, not sure what to think about that.

  • Rachel

    I’m in the same boat as you Darlene…finished and NOTHING!!! So Annoyed.

  • Karen

    I just finished the 35 x 35 and didn’t get the expansion right away. I went to the land office and had to use 3 land grants to get it to work… Now, no 37 x 37 mission is showing up…. =(

  • Shirley

    I’m in the same boat. I finished the goals and didnt get the giant expansion. Im stuck, I cant go on to the 37 x 37 nor can I repeat the 35 x 35. Help help help, Im getting bored.

  • Katie

    The same thing has happened to me aswell Darlene. I finished it 3 days ago but it doesn’t register. I can’t re-buy it or move on. Any suggestions?

  • Kathy

    Did you go to the land grant office and purchase the expansion? This page doesn’t mention that you have to go to the land grant office and buy the expansion and make sure you have enough grants.

  • Laura

    I finished the 35 x 35 goals but it only expanded West and South. So it wasn’t even the full expansion. Anyone else have this problem? Also cannot get to the next expansion.

  • Melisa

    the goal IV is to get 8 peach pies, but the picture is peach clobber, and I got a lot of peach clobber after harvesting peach for a week, none of peach pies. I am getting irritated.

  • sandan

    your information on the giant expansion is not quite correct! You state that in part IV of the goal, among other things, one has to get 8 peach COBBLERS. That is INCORRECT!!! One has to gather 8 peach PIES!!!!!

    The problem is that the dummies at Zynga, put the picture of a cobbler next to the requirement, instead of a picture of the pie. I’m pissed, because I now have 10 cobblers and only 7 out of 8 pies. I started getting the stuff I needed for this expansion on the basis of the information YOU provided, even before I was entitled to the expansion. So now I have 10 cobblers going no where and it took me weeks to get only 7 pies! please fix your information!

  • Nina

    Same here, had to go to the landoffice and purchase grants, only got west and south, next expansion not in sight.
    This and the usuall hickups, makes it to frustrating to continue!

  • Leah Lane

    Help, Ive gotten plenty of peach pies but no expansion,HELP

  • marie

    Frustration here as well. Got to goal IV of giant expansion to find out that I cannot purchase wheat crop unless I get 5 more neighbours.

  • marie

    Thanks to zynga support team, my problem is solved

  • Karl (Dave)

    Comment on Nina Above – I was happy with the way the extention was given, and I think they should do it that way all the time, as most people place their buildings North & East – and by getting the extention West & South you don’t have to move everything.
    Only My Point – Not having a go. KEEP SMILING

  • Debbie

    I too cannot expand my homestead after completing ALL tasks! I’m stuck coz I cannot proceed to 37×37 & can’t replay 35×35. HELP!!!

  • Chloe

    the 37×37 is not available untill march 1st…

  • Gaston

    After you finish the 35×35 missions you need to go to the land office and buy something, don’t remember what it is, but when you clicked on the mission status pop-up there it says what you need to do after finish part 5

    See us…

  • debb vassel

    im having alot of trouble and have asked nieghbours to join my poop scooping crew, but none of my friends is able to join as it keeps saying all outta rewards. what is going on here?

  • elena

    Por favor que alguien diga como solucionar el problema de no poder comprar la ampliacion de 35×35…. ya no se que hacer, la termine hace semanas, me voy a la oficiona, a comprar expansion y no me deja!!!!!!!!!

  • gillian

    do you have any idea what the next task will be after the 37×37 expantion on frontierville,just so i can prepair my self,nd be ready

  • Sarah T

    I finished the all 1 to 5 of varmint so I can buy the cannon …so I can expand to 37×37 …And now it will not let can you plz help me with this matter..