Frontierville Glue

By | February 23, 2011

Frontierville Glue is the quest item that you will need to collect for frontierville enormous homestead expansion part V

glue in frontierville – Used to complete the 37×37 Enormous Homestead missions.

on frontierville enormous pain in the mission you must Get 30 Glue From Your Friends

how to get glue in frontierville :
click ask friends button on the quest to post a glue request on your wall so your friend can send you glues
Need Glue! Ask friends to give you some glue to put this Enormous Land Grant back together! They’ll get some experience too!

here’s the post on the news feed if you click ask for glue :
How’d the thing get blown apart in the first place!?
xxx needs a spot of Glue!
Don’t ask how the Enormous Land Grant got blown apart, but xxx is lookin’ for some glue to put it back together. You’ll get some expeirence too!

xxx needs some Glue!
xxx has an Enormous Land Grant that needs to be pasted back together again! Send some Glue on over! (You’ll get some experience too!)

you can help Send Glue to your friend for experience, yeah i know.. it’s kinda hard to get 30 glues if we don’t get more glue by helping our friend 😛

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