Frontierville Goal Hot Wheels

By | September 11, 2010

Frontierville Goal Hot Wheels ! we have one new mission in frontierville today 🙂

Hot Wheels !
Drivin’ home in yer brand new buggy, you had the misfortune to encounter the world’s orneriest skunk. Maybe yer friends will help clean her up if you make ’em lunch.

Click on the buttons above to ask friends for saddle soap and elbow grease. (The items will be subtracted once you’ve met all of the conditions of the mission.)

the quest is simple, all you need to do is :
– collect 10 saddle soap (or unlock for 20 HS)
– collect 10 elbow grease (or unlock for 20 HS)
– clear 5 grasses (or unlock for 5 HS)

frontierville hot wheels mission

tips :
– click ask friends for saddle soap, and you can select friends for saddle soap request (note that this is a different soap not the soap for back to school mission so you need to collect a new one)
– click ask friends for elbow grease, and it will be posted on wall (you can do this for unlimited time)
– as for grasses, just prepare some clean land to grow grass back.. it will need some time though

the reward prize is 100 XP + deluxe buggy black

maybe you already have one ? because black buggy was already in the market before, part of frontierville hay fever decorations

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