FrontierVille Gold Horseshoe Zynga Poker

By | September 13, 2010

FrontierVille Gold Horseshoe Zynga Poker ! you will need golden horseshoe as a part to build horseshoe pit in frontierville that you can get from zynga poker

zynga poker gold horseshoe in frontierville

how to get frontierville gold horseshoe in zynga poker :
you can buy with 50 horseshoes or you can get free gold horseshoe with this guide

first make sure you click gold horseshoe link (earn for free) from frontierville to get into zynga poker, you should see this pop up :
Welcome to zynga poker ! Win the Golden Horseshoe by leveling up in Zynga Poker (at least level 5) ! Use this special item to build your horseshoe pit in frontierville

click play now, now all you need to do is leveling (minimum lv 5)

once you level up you will get another pop up for golden horseshoe :
welcome to zynga poker !
You earned the golden horseshoe. Keep playing poker with us !
you must click Claim Horseshoe! button to get back in frontierville

you will see this pop up :
Welcome home, pardner! Your journey to the far off Zynga territories has earned you the Gold Horseshoe! You’re one step closer to finishin’ up that new horseshoe pit out back! Wanna check out yer progress?

you can go to the inventory and will found 1 frontierville gold horseshoe

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  • mer

    I got a golden horseshoe it is in my gifts in poker game how do I send it to frontierville so I can finish my horseshoe pit. I did it through frontierville but it didn’t get sent

  • Aileen Rhodes

    I have played the poker game and am on level 16!! But i have not received the horseshoe for the frontierville so I can finish the horseshoe pit! How do I receive it?

  • Ter

    I cannot get the poker came to pull up it locks my computer up for some reason. It is the only game that does it and the horseshoes the last thing i need =(

  • April

    I’m having the same problem. Leveled up twice and still haven’t received it. I always go in through Frontierville! It’s frustrating

  • Brandon

    The reason you cant get it when you level up is because you need the pop up to come up when you enter poker that says earn the horseshoe by levelling up play now. I can’t get the popup to come up though it always takes me straight into poker.

  • hayles

    I have leveled 3 x and recieved a horseshoe, however it didnt go over to my frontierville horseshoe pit, what do i do?

  • Martha McMickin

    I am on Level 7 and have not received the golden horseshoe. How do I receive it?