Frontierville Golden Hammers

By | July 13, 2011

Want to unlock pioneer trail early ? then start collecting frontierville golden hammers now ! when it reach a billion golden hammers that frontierville community collect you can play the pioneer trail and zynga will give $200,000 to save the children
you can see the golden hammer progress bar at the top of your frontierville screen to see how many golden hammers are being collected

how to get golden hammers in frontierville ?
– Ask Your Friends for Golden Hammers! by clicking do your part button under 1 billion progress and click get hammers, you will post this :
xxx needs hammers to help build better schools
Share hammers to open up the Pioneer Trail early & help FrontierVille support Save the Children’s efforts to build better schools!
Send Golden Hammers

– get 30 golden hammers as reward from frontierville partyin for hammers goals

– look on news feed for golden hammer, when your friends finish partying for hammers quest they can share some hammers

– collect golden hammers daily by building a hammer forge

– also when whacking and collecting hammer forge daily bonus you can get golden trails collection, complete all collectibles and trade in for 1 golden hammer

– send hammers to your friends using this frontierville golden hammer link

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