Frontierville Gone Fishin Missions Fishing Pond Links

By | May 15, 2012

Start frontierville gone fishin missions because it’s time to teach your kids to fish ! Head on down to the fishing hole and cast a line !

goal : gone fishin’ I of V

fish from the pioneer trail fishing pond to find fish collections and a chance at powerful boost fish.

quest requirements :

goal 1 : What a Bass Hole Mission
Place the Fishing Pond
Fish Twice
Craft a pair of Fishing Poles
Reward: 450 XP, 400 Coins, 10 Fish Bait

tips :
rod rings + 2 flexible stick = fishing pole
flexible stick link

fishing pond material links :
canvas-gloves mosquito-repellant wooden-box bundle-of-soggy-wood protective-padding
canvas gloves link – mosquito repellant link – wooden box link – bundle of soggy wood link – protective padding link

goal 2 : Mud Guppies Mission
Craft 5 Bait
Go Fishing 15 times
Finish Phase 1 of the Fishing Pond
Reward: 950 XP, 5 Blueberry Crops, The Clown Fish (animated deco that tells jokes)

hint :
1 fish hook + 2 wiggly worm = 10 fish bait
how to get wiggly worm in frontierville ?
find it from american moss, and rarely from blueberry crops and the fishin’ pond

goal 3 : Fishing Frenzy Mission
Harvest 12 American Moss (found on free gift page)
Catch 2 Red Carp and/or Puckered Carp
Craft 2 Rubber Overalls
Reward: 1400 XP, 2 Chunky Guppy Boosts, 20 Bait

tips :
5 canvas overalls + 3 rubber padding = rubber overalls
canvas overalls link

goal 4 : Wrecking Records Mission
Ask 10 Friends for their Fishing Score
Go Fishing 30 times
Finish Phase 2 of the Pond
Reward: 2200 XP, 2 Stout Trout Boosts, 10 American Moss

goal 5 : Big Fish Story Mission
Harvest 80 Bluberries
Catch 3 Greenback and/or Bull Trout
Finish Phase 3 (final phase) of the Pond
Reward: 2600 XP, 3 Aged Salmon Boosts, 30 Bait

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