Frontierville Grannys Grand Advice Mission

By | April 2, 2012

Ask Granny for parental advice in frontierville grannys grand advice mission ! Hank and Fanny’s new bundle of joy is makin’ em anxious as a penned up horse, they’re just boilin’ over with questions! Good thing Granny’s got sound advice she’s willin’ ta share ’bout child-rearin’. But those youngsters gotta sit still long enough to listen!
GOAL:Granny’s Grand Advice

Listen Up to Grannys Grand Advice
Granny’s raised some strappin’ kids in her day; they were healthy as summer days and strong as oaks! Help her show Hank and Fanny some child-rearin’ tips to soothe their jangled nerves!

quest requirements :
– Collect Three Daily Bonuses from the School House
– Collect 25 Lullabies
– Craft 10 Oatmeal Cereal (Combine Whole Grain Oats and Wild Berries to make Oatmeal Cereal)
rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + 1 miniature horse

tips :
oatmeal cereal = 6 whole grain oats + 3 wild berries
Ask your friends for Lullabies and Wild Berries. Wheat can drop from harvesting Whole Grain Oats!
lullabies link

Granny might be old-fashioned, but that ol’ gal is a natural when it comes to child rearin’! Hank and Fanny can always count on Granny’s Grand Advice.
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