Frontierville Grave Circumstances Goals

By | October 8, 2011

Find pioneer trail ursula the undertaker’s shoddily catching ghost on ghost town, and help him with 4 frontierville grave circumstances goals !

quest title are :
part 1: A Great Host of Ghosts
part 2: To Build a Better Box
part 3: Rise ‘N’ Shine!
part 4: The Ghost of Huge Hugh

here are the missions requirements and rewards :

GOAL: Grave Circumstances! Part I of IV
– Cure 15 Cursed Cows.
– Collect 10 Spirits
– Ask your friends to fill out a Ghost Hunting Crew

GOAL: Grave Circumstances! Part II of IV
– Craft 4 Ornate Cushions in the Ghost Town Chapel
– Complete a Shagbark Tree on your Homestead (for material links look on frontierville from haunted to happy)
– Ask your friends for 20 Coffin Nails

GOAL: Grave Circumstances! Part III of IV
– Cure 30 Cursed Animals
– Put 20 Ghosts back in their Haunted Graves
– Collect 30 Spirits

GOAL: Grave Circumstances! Part IV of IV
– Craft 6 Tainted Nuts in the Shagbark Tree
– Craft 5 Holy Club Sodas
– Serve Huge Hugh dinner on a Romantic Dinner Barrel

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