Frontierville Gravy Train Guide

By | November 9, 2011

Times are tough out on the pioneer trail and there’s a whole heap a families that could use a hand with their thanksgiving!

Start packing up the frontierville gravy train to help these families in need ! when yer able, cookie’ve parked it on the side of your homestead!

to cook meal for frontierville families in need there are some care package items you need to craft for each family

here are the ingredients tips and crafting page
how to get :
Corn kernels drop from corn
Peas drop from peas
Ripe Pumpkin drop from pumpkins
Bread crumbs drops from wheat

craft items :

corn chowder = 4 corn kernels + 2 ceramic bowl
cajun peas = 4 peas + 2 cajun seasoning

pumpkin filling = 6 ripe pumpkin + 3 nutmeg
spiced pumpkin pie = 1 pumpkin filling + 3 pumpkin pie tin

smooshed potatoes = 3 large potatoes + 4 potato masher
peppered mashed potatoes = 1 smooshed potatoes + 4 creamy butter

stuffing = 5 bread crumbs + 5 stuffin spices
stuffed turkey = 1 stuffing + 5 roasted turkey

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