Frontierville Grizzly Taming Missions Bear Trap Links

By | August 24, 2012

Ted’s gottwn himself into a bind and is needing bess and your help in frontierville grizzly taming missions !

GOAL: Grizzly Tamin’ Part I of IV

He’ll be relieved to know you’re on the job ! Help Bess & Ted build trap and earn the White Grizzly Mount!

goal : Rare Sightings Mission
Clobber 5 varmints (any varmint)
Find the Silver Owl (use the owl trap from Wild Animal Taming)
Catch all 3 Wolf variants (use the wolf trap from Wild Animal Taming)
Reward: Crazier Cake, 3000 XP, Raging Buffalo

pioneer trail grizzly tamin missions :

goal I: Supply and Demand Mission
View “what is this” for the Bear Rock (right hand sideboard)
Collect 8 Bear Nets from friends
Harvest 40 Passion Flowers
Reward: 600 Ted’s Affection, 5 Colorado Pinyons (you need these for the 4th mission), Durable Hammer (needed for the sideboard)

quest item links :
wood-screw fresh-honey tasty-trout
wood screw – fresh honey – tasty trout

bear-harness wood-chips salty-seasoning rabbit-meat
bear harness – wood chips – salty seasoning – rabbit meat

goal II: The Trappings of a Plan Mission
Collect 8 Trap Blueprints from friends
Harvest 40 Sieve Stations
Complete Phase 1 of the Building the Bear Trap
Reward: 500 Ted’s Affection, Wooden Bear Statue, Large Basket (needed for the sideboard)

goal III: A Luring Cuisine Mission
Collect 15 Small Mushrooms from friends
Collect 30 Plump Huckleberries (drops from Huckleberry crop on Free Gift page)
Complete Phase 2 of the Building the Bear Trap
Reward: 500 Ted’s Affection, 3 The Crop Whisperer books, Safety Gloves (needed for the sideboard)

small mushroom link

goal IV: To Tame the Untamable Mission
Collect 10 Tamin’ Whips from friends
Collect 15 Bear Collars from friends
Complete Phase 3 of the Building the Bear Trap
Reward: 400 Ted’s Affection, 2000 XP, 3 Black Bear Cubs

bear collar link

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