Frontierville Groundhog Day Missions

By | January 27, 2011

Frontierville Groundhog Day Missions ! in these groundhog mission you will need to trap some groundhogs, so build the frontierville groundhog trap first 🙂
goal groundhog day in frontierville

there are 4 part of groundhog day missions :
Frontierville Half Your Hay
Frontierville Protecting the Food Supply
Frontierville Six More Weeks
Frontierville Deja Vu All Over Again

Here are the list of frontierville groundhog mission :

Frontierville Goal Groundhog Day Part I of IV
– Place a Groundhog Trap on your Homestead
– Harvest 20 Wheat
– Feed 20 Cows
rewards : 300 XP + 100 food

Frontierville Goal Groundhog Day Part II of IV
– Have 500 Food
– Finish Building the Groundhog Trap
– Collect Ten Groundhog Decoys
rewards : 400 XP + 1000 coins

Frontierville Goal Groundhog Day Part III of IV
– Trap Five Groundhogs
– Tend Ten Neighbor Crops
– Collect One Umbrella
rewards : 500 XP + Frontier Fred

Frontierville Goal Groundhog Day Part IV of IV
– Collect 15 Groundhog Decoys (These will be consumed)
– Harvest 25 Wheat
– Trap Ten Groundhogs
rewards : 600 XP + frontier phil

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