Frontierville Groundhog Traps Guide

By | January 27, 2011

Frontierville Groundhog Traps Guide ! a new feature to ‘kill’ groundhog in frontierville 😛

here’s the guide for groundhog traps in frontierville

The groundhogs are out in force! Find Groundhog Traps in the market to trap the little varmints, and quick! Upgrade your traps for a better chance of trapping Phil and Fred, the friendly pet groundhogs!

Build a Groundhog Trap to catch the sleepy varmints before they pop out and see their shadows! You may be able to trap a friendly pet groundhog if you’re lucky.

Here’s how groundhog trap works in frontierville :
– Build and arm traps to automatically catch groundhogs when they first appear.
– Traps cannot be moved or disarmed until you catch a groundhog.
– Increase the protected area by upgrading your traps with help from friends.
– Sometimes a trapped groundhog can turn out to be friendly!

to build groundhog traps first you need to buy it on the market with 2000 coins and collecting @5 these materials :
frontierville tin sheet
frontierville screw
frontierville bait
frontierville stick
frontierville rope
frontierville crate box

after that you can upgrade it by ask friends to become groundhog trap staff position :
1. Rope Technician
2. The Architect
3. The Baiter
4. Master De-Hogger
5. Exterminator
6. Fabricator

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