Frontierville Growin Room Missions

By | April 13, 2011

Frontierville Growin Room Missions ! this goals are for new building ponderosa lodge in frontierville

growing room in frontierville

there are 4 quest that you can finish, and also you must finish the last mission in order to collect 15 adobe bricks as reward for ponderosa lodge materials

here are the frontierville growing room missions requirements :

GOAL: Growin’ Room I
– Purchase the Ponderosa Lodge from the Market
– Tend 20 Oxen
– Craft four Sawhorses in the Barn

GOAL: Growin’ Room II
– Harvest 15 White Roses
– Request 15 Elegant Paintings
– Tend 12 Peach Trees

GOAL: Growin’ Room III
– Visit 15 neighbor Homesteads
– Harvest 20 Cotton
– Fulfill five neighbor Wishlist requests

GOAL: Growin’ Room IV
– Request ten Throne Plungers
– Have or collect 500 Wood
– Plant 20 Sunflowers

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