Frontierville Halloween Hutch Links

By | October 13, 2011

Build frontierville halloween hutch and craft Vampire and Werewolf potions to resolve Hank and Fanny’s argument! Complete the Pioneer Trail Fanny’s Dark Secret Missions 3x’s for the bat pet!

don’t forget that there’s a Family Secret Collection that you can get from this building, and the trade in reward is Family Secret Mystery Box ! this mystery box can give you a lot of new decoration items for your homestead

now collect these materials to finish halloween hutch :
apothecary shelf
preserved lizard
mortar and pestle link
bunsen burner link
glass beaker link


here’s some tips to craft items inside halloween hutch :
vampire potion = 12 bloodberry juice + 8 glitter powder
Collect Glitter Powder and Bloodberry Juice from friends. Bloodberry Juice can also be collected by harvesting Bloodberry trees.
bloodberry juice link

werewolf potion = 12 wolfnut butter + 8 hairy beaker
Collect Wolfnut Butter and Hairy Beakers from friends. Wolfnut Butter can also be collected by harvesting Wolfnut trees.
wolfnut butter link

hybrid potion = 16 sparkle juice + 10 powdered
Collect Sparkle Juice and Werewolf Fur from friends. Remember not to inhale, these ingredients are very potent
sparkle juice link

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