Frontierville Halloween Missions

By | October 19, 2010

Frontierville Halloween Missions is coming soon !

frontierville halloween loading screen

as you can see in frontierville fan page on facebook, they already prepared things for halloween ! like halloween mission and decoration items 🙂

i will update the missions as soon they update with halloween item ! so stay tuned

Update :
GOAL: Trick or Treat! Part I of V
GOAL: Trick or Treat! Part II of V
GOAL: Trick or Treat! Part III of V
GOAL: Trick or Treat! Part IV of V
GOAL: Trick or Treat! Part V of V

Halloween Harvest
– Harvest Eight Pumpkins
– Harvest Eight Apple Trees
– Feed Eight Sheep

Ghost Bustin
– Clobber Three Ghost Groundhogs
– Clobber Two Ghost Foxes
– Clobber One Ghost Bear

Wicked Decoratin
– Buy One Jack o’ Lantern
– Carve Jack o’ Lantern
– Buy Five Headstones

Trick or Treat ?!?
– Purchase a Halloween Costume
– Trick Ten Neighbors
– Treat Ten Neighbors

The Aftermath
– Get Three Candy Corn
– Collect Ten Bobbing Apples

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  • Bev

    I see in the special items that there is a Ghost Cannon, but it requires the Trick or Treat 2 quest?
    How do we get it?

  • Carol

    After you complete the “Trick” Collection on Frontierville, you are awarded the Reaper Costume.
    I have just completed this collection, and the reaper costume is not in the Tailor shop or in my inventory. Where is it and how do I put it on?

  • spolk

    It is in your family album. Click on it and customize your avatar. It is in the choices to customize.

  • spolk

    I have had people say they have sent me apples..but I don’t show that I have them. Also I have already chased away the headless horseman from my neighbors and now it is a part of the mission. Will he come back so I can do the mission?

  • Jakob

    The reaper costume is a male thing… you need to be male to use it.

  • Chelsea

    Carol, if you check the photo album you should see the Reaper costume in there.

  • Bonnie Deimel

    there is a reaper woman

  • Bonnie Deimel

    Sorry about last comment. That is a headless horsewoman. But my adobe flash doesn’t like it.

  • ioanna

    hello, I an trying to pass the trick and treat part 4 but everytime I find the cannonball head and collect it I get out of internet and when I have it back again I do not have the head. What is going on?