Frontierville Halloween Tarot Card Sweepstakes Missions

By | October 19, 2011

Collect pioneer trail tarot card and enter the sweepstakes ! to get more cards lets finish 3 frontierville halloween card sweepstakes missions

quest titles :
part 1 : The Frontier Psychic
part 2 : The Frontier Diviner
part 3 : The Frontier Prophet

all these goals will need to do some part of ghost mission, please see the requirements on frontierville haunted homestead quests

GOAL: Halloween Tarot Card Sweepstakes I
– Collect 20 Tarot Cards
– Complete the 4th Haunted Homestead quest, “Ghosts,” twice
Reward: 300XP, 5 Tarot Cards, Spooky Cat Tree

GOAL: Halloween Tarot Card Sweepstakes II
– Collect 70 Tarot Cards
– Complete the 5th Haunted Homestead quest, “The Ghost of Shining Cloud,” twice
Reward: 600XP, 10 Tarot Cards, White Cat

these are the rewards, and they can follow you !

GOAL: Halloween Tarot Card Sweepstakes III
– Collect 125 Tarot Cards
– Complete the 8th Haunted Homestead quest, “Double Trouble,” three times
Reward: 1000XP, 25 Tarot Cards, Siamese Cat

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