Frontierville Hazelnut Tree

By | January 8, 2012

On squashing it quest you need hazelnuts to craft choconut squash, and in order to get hazelnut you must harvest hazelnut trees !

how to get hazelnut tree in frontierville ?
you can unlock this tree on the market by finishing get growing mission, and purchase it for 7 horseshoes
don’t worry, you can find it in inventory for free after you finish the quest 🙂
Reward: 2 Hazelnut Trees, 250 Coins, 250XP

you can see the stats here :
harvest : 12 hours
XP : 30
coins : 150
food : 10
cost : 7 HS

because the choconat squash 1x crafted = 30, then you only need a total of 14 hazelnuts
just don’t be rush finishing this quest quickly and faster, because it takes time to harvest hazelnut trees and drop rate quite low too 😛

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