FrontierVille Headless Horseman V RC 34 Internet Connection Error

By | October 25, 2010

FrontierVille Headless Horseman Part V RC 34 Internet Connection Error ! i don’t know why but when i got this mission i always got blasted internet just went quiet on me! let’s try us a bit of a refresh pop up or RC 34 Error and it’s looping


i can see the headless horseman hiding behind graveyard and there’s ms fanny wildcat but every time i click her – read the letter and kill horseman then i got error -.-

but finally i finish this mission, try these rc 34 error solution :
you only click on the yellow arrow and not on Ms. Wildcat.. after you click on the arrow she should still be there and you should be able to go to the ghost cannon and do everything you need to.. than exit out of frontierville and go back to it and Ms. Wildcat will be gone and the mission is complete.


change your browser, i play from ie to chrome and fire ghost cannon without clicking ms fanny wildcat

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