Frontierville Healthy Hank Missions

By | December 29, 2012

With frontierville healthy hank missions discover new animals like the pack ram ! hire hank to refersh daily bonuses from buildings !
Hank loved climbing rocks as a kid, and knows it’s great exercise. Now he’s taller than all the rocks, let’s build a climbing wall !

pioneer trail quest walkthrough requirements :

goal I : Ready to Rock Mission
– Place the Climbin’ Wall
– Clear 4 Rocks on your homestead
– Gather 6 Climbin’ Permits (ask friends)
Reward: 500 Coins, 2 Rocks, 3 Banyan Trees

goal II : Boulder Mountain Mission
– Gather 25 Super Juice (harvest Imported Boysenberries)
– Harvest 15 Violas (free gifts)
– Finish phase 1 of the Climbin’ Wall
Reward: Tough Hand Tonic, Fully Grown Pine tree, 2 Mountain Goats

goal III : Pole Position Mission
– Gather 20 Wool Socks (tend Mountain Goats)
– Craft 5 Books of Knots
– Finish phase 2 of the Climbin’ Wall
Reward: Bullwhip Boost, 2 Wilderness Crates, Rawhide Gloves


goal IV : Members Only Mission
– Gather 30 Cold Lemonades (harvest Lemon Trees)
– Harvest 40 Mountain Blueberries
– Finish the Climbin’ Wall
Reward: Crazier Cake, Wilderness Juice, 2 Pack Rams


main quest : Hank the Hen Mission
– Tend 30 Chickens
– Place Unhatched Egg from the market
– Tend 4 different hatched eggs: Merlin, Osprey, Gyrfalcon, & Harrier
Reward: Yosemite Tree Crate, Smoked Buffalo Ribs boost, Book of Experience


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