Frontierville Heart Letters Missions

By | February 7, 2013

Bert will guide you with frontierville heart letters missions so you can write your very own heart letters to friends and loved ones to earn romantic rewards !

GOAL: Heart Letters, Part I of V

wrapper quest : Bigger and Better
– Complete and turn in the Heart Letter Collection
– Collect a bonus from the Candy Gram Box 8 times (reward for 5th mission)
– Have 45 completed Heart Letters in storage
Reward: 15,000 XP, 10 Horseshoes, 3 Love Mystery Crates

pioneer trail walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Handy Candy Mission
– Place the Candy Heart Press
– Select a Poem at the Letter Workbench
– Craft 2 Basic (Blue) Candy Words
Reward: Teamwork Poem Unlocked, Valentine’s Cow, 2 Fully Grown Hickory Trees


goal 2: Sweet Hearts Mission
– Complete 2 Heart Letters
– Craft 12 Silly Candy Words (Green Hearts)
– Finish phase 1 of the Candy Heart Press
Reward: Desire Poem Unlocked, Cozy Loveseat, Cuddly Kittens

goal 3: Candy Writer Mission
– Tend Cuddly Kittens 3 times
– Craft 18 Romantic Candy Words (Pink Hearts)
– Finish phase 2 of the Candy Heart Press
Reward: Love Poem Unlocked, Cute Rabbits, Love Bunny

goal 4: Such Sweet Words Mission
– Complete 6 more Heart Letters
– Craft 26 Flirty Candy Words (Light Pink Hearts)
– Finish phase 3 of the Candy Heart Press
Reward: Kissing Badgers, Valentine Crate, Valentine Husky

goal 5: Time to Catch Up Mission
– Tend Valentine Husky 4 times
– Complete 12 more Heart Letters
– Finish the Candy Heart Press
Reward: Romantic Pony, Mystery Animal Crate, 2 Candy Gram Boxes (harvest like trees)

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