Frontierville Heavy Petting Missions

By | April 20, 2011

Frontierville Heavy Petting Missions ! there’s a new pet store and puppies available today with 5 new mission 🙂

heavy petting goals in frontierville

and just like before… looks like zynga want us to get one of the pet store material by finishing quest (part 4)

the puppy quest are :
1. Pet Shop Boys
2. Tell Me About the Rabbits
3. Sick as a Dog!
4. Animal House!
5. Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

here are the list of frontierville heavy petting quest :

GOAL: Heavy Petting Part I of V
Place the Pet Shop on Your Homestead
Tend 20 Geese on your Homestead
Hire Two Neighbors
rewards : chunky chow + 200 XP

GOAL: Heavy Petting Part II of IV
harvest 20 Wheat on Your Homestead
harvest 20 Corn on Your Homestead
collect 15 Flea Powders
rewards : goldfish + 100 food

GOAL: Heavy Petting Part III of IV
Have or Collect One Chicken Broth
Have or Construct One Comforter in the Chicken Coop
collect One Daily Bonus from the Doghouse
rewards : aquarium lizard + chunky chow

GOAL: Heavy Petting Part IV of V
Clobber Two Groundhogs
Clobber Two Snakes
Collect 10 Marrow Bones
rewards : 250 XP + 1 pet crate

GOAL: Heavy Petting Part V of V
Complete the Pet Shop
Purchase a New Puppy in the Pet Shop
Get the Puppy to Follow You
rewards : 250 XP + bunny in hutch

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