FrontierVille Help 5 Neighbors Scare Off The Horseman

By | October 24, 2010

FrontierVille Help 5 Neighbors Scare Off The Horseman is one of the halloween missions in frontierville, Horseman’s Rampage

headless horseman in frontierville

After you placing the graveyard for the first time you will get headless horseman and if you click to drive off the horseman and scare him away, he will rampaging through your neighbors’ land.

The Horseman will travel from your neighbor’s homestead to another neighbor once you scare him off. Scaring him off of your neighbor’s land will take all your tends for the day (5 action to scare the horseman)

many players have problems with missing horseman, so make sure you visit every neighbor you have and you will find him 😀

it’s random, so you headless horseman can appear in random neighbors..

and for today update there’s some bug update :
*FIXED* Players are having problems with the headless horsemen
– can’t click on horseman
– can’t find any horsemen on neighbor’s homesteads

*FIXED* Players are getting reset at the Headless Horseman mission IV & V
– error when collecting cannonball
– game resets and cannonball is gone

*FIXED* Players cannot find ghost varmints

i hope you won’t find any problems anymore with the headless horseman 😀

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  • linda spencer

    i cant move to next level, every time i kill bear it keeps coming up as(CR ) 34i cant kill bear ghost

  • Nighttartan

    The Headless Horseman bug is still bugged. For 4 days now , no horseman .