Frontierville Help Little Crow Missions

By | November 3, 2011

Laughing Bear’s daughter, little crow needs help to find her tribe’s mustangs in frontierville help little crow missions

there are 2 pioneer trail quests :
part 1 : Little Crow Needs Help!
part 2 : Ride Your Mustang!

here are the goals requirements :

GOAL: Help Little Crow I of II
– Place Little Crow’s Hideout
– Clear 10 Cacti On yours or a neighbor’s homestead.
– Harvest 25 Corn
rewards : 100 XP , 500 coins, honey badger

GOAL: Help Little Crow II of II
– Clear 10 Rocks
– Feed 30 Adult Oxen
– Ride Your New Mustang Complete Little Crow’s Repeatable Missions to get one!
rewards : 1000 XP, 3000 coins, quick draw quaff

how to get new mustang :
finish Little Crow’s Hideout then do the repeatable missions, you can see the progress on trust meter to get these animals :

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